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ExCyte Solutions, “ExCyte,” was founded in May 2019 by Ed Hernandez and Cora Hernandez, as a family owned and operated small business specifically focusing on marketing our products and services to the public sector vertical in Texas and the Rocky Mountain Region. ExCyte is a State of Texas HUB and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and has over thirty-five years of experience in working with K-12, Higher Education, Federal, State and Local Governments as well as other public sector entities. Having achieved highly productive careers in leading fortune 500 technology company’s public sector sales organizations it was time to harness our skills and embrace the future of selling technology solutions.

ExCyte was formed as a response to the pleas from our customers who wanted a single vendor to address all their technology acquisition needs, and more importantly help guide them through the dozens of solutions emerging in the market. The same people we were talking to about one solution would seek our guidance on a myriad of other IT challenges they needed to surmount. As technology changes faster than our customers can keep up with while they are trying to do their day jobs, ExCyte was our solution to their problems. With the inevitability of industries moving data and operations to a combination of X-aaS and outsourcing, our approach centers on providing unbiased and resourceful solutions that represent our customer’s best interest not the single solution provider’s best interest. We keep our finger on the pulse of the markets so that our customers do not have to. We work closely with our customers to fully understand their unique requirements and cut through the morass. We aspire to be our customer’s trusted partner so that we can advise them on their critical technology and business decisions and negotiate on their behalf. ExCyte’s approach affords our customers a wide range of technology solutions to solve their business-critical issues with our, “Best of Suite,” approach by offering over two hundred technology manufacturers, solution providers and hundreds of elite technical support experts.

Over the past 35 years, the principals at ExCyte have built strong partnerships with both Private Sector and Public Sector customers across the United States, with a large focus on the public sector. We have worked closely with Fortune 500 companies, large Federal/State/Local governments, and Education customers in the acquisition and implementation of mission-critical IT and telecommunication solutions. Solutions that we have implemented for our clients include multi-location MPLS and SD-WAN Networks, Cloud-Based Voice Services, Managed Services, Security Systems, X-aaS subscriptions, CoTS software, Disaster Recovery and Co-location services and many other varied technology-based solutions. Our ability to generate State Agency revenue can be demonstrated by the fact that some of our larger customers include multiple agencies within the State of New Mexico, where we were located prior to our relatively recent re-location to Texas, including but not limited to:

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Key Differentiators:

  • Commitment to the best customer service and experience 
  • Industry experience and business innovation
  • New technology and processes 
  • Diverse solutions and platforms
  • Over 200 partnerships with industry leading technology companies
  • Competetive pricing, lead times and delivery 
  • Department of Information Technology
  • Department of Health
  • Department of Taxation and Revenue
  • Department of Human Services
  • Motor Vehicle Department
  • State Engineer’sOffice
  • Environmental Agency
  • Public Safety Department
  • Department of Corrections
  • Attorney General’s Office
  • Administrative Office of the Court
  • Department of Transportation
  • General Services
  • Various District Attorney’s offices
We also have also partnered with several other clients across the spectrum such as:
  • Region 16 ESC
  • City of Amarillo
  • Chevron Gas & Oilk
  • Lamar State College
  • La Joya ISD
  • Sun Healthcare
  • Los Alamos National Labs
  • Kirtland Airforce Base
  • Public Service Company (NM)
  • Presbytarian Healthcare Servives
  • City of Lubbock
  • UT El Paso 
  • Isleta Casino and Resort
  • Albuquerque Public Schools
  • National Center Genomic Research (NCGR)
  • Sandia National Labs
  • White Sands Missile Range
  • White Sands Missile Range
  • Sun Healthcare Systems
  • Amber Care Rehabilitation Hospitals

We know that we are young company, but we are a winning combination of invigorated, knowledgeable, bold, customer-centric and sales-minded. With the combination of our historical experience and success before ExCyte, and the rapid growth since the inception of ExCyte, we believe we have demonstrated abilities that would earn us your business on our merit, if not our tenure.

ExCyte’s business model affords our customers and prospects multiple choices to Business-Critical Issues and provides “best of breed” choices to IT professionals. In today’s IT marketplace, there is a convergence of multiple technologies in Telecommunications, Voice, Applications, Networks, Physical Security, IoT, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, ERP, CRM and more. Increasingly front and back-end operational, technological and security functions are becoming increasingly outsourced instead of being fully managed locally at the end-user facilities or by a single manufacturer. The current COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates the mission critical need and value of these IT solutions more than ever as millions are forced to work from home to avoid contracting the disease.

Our direct relationships with manufacturers in concert with our Master Agent, Telarus (the fastest growing Master Agency in North America), provides experienced project managers, and support experts to serve our customers. Our mission is to be the handshake between the customers and the manufacturer starting with the customer and ending with the manufacturer and not the other way around. With our model, ExCyte can provide a truly agnostic and holistic plan that fits into our customer’s scope and budget without the constraint of representing only one or two manufacturers in a specific horizontal niche. ExCyte does not try to influence our customers to choose a specific manufacturers products and services, thereby asking them to force a square block into a round hole, because we do not need to. With dozens of solutions in the market that fulfill similar needs, and ExCyte having access to most of them, we are motivated by designing the right technology solutions to fit our customer’s needs, not by making a quota.

Technical support is provided directly from the supplier through our NOC and support services. We have access to the certified resources and subject matter experts from all our supplier partners to support us in pre-sales, postsales activities that affords us more bandwidth for our customer relationships and business development.

As a perk to our master agent partnership with Telarus, ExCyte engages in frequent training events to keep abreast of the latest in our supplier’s offerings and emerging technologies. We have found that customers will approach us with what they perceived as an insurmountable challenge and did not know that there is a perfect product out there to fill their need gaps. Because of our exposure to a continuous influx of new information technology offerings we often know what is coming around the bend before the wider population, which proves to be an exceptional value to our customers. Because of our high-level access to emerging technologies, ExCyte can contribute new offerings as they come to market over the course of our contract period.

ExCyte may be the handshake from our customer to our suite of suppliers but we never take ourselves out of the equation. We never walk away from a sale and forget about it. We monitor our supplier’s performance on all our customer’s projects and over the course of their service periods. We call upon our customers to maintain the direct communication and act as a trusted advisor both for existing systems and future business alike. It is incumbent upon us to ensure that our customers are not just satisfied that their systems are functioning but come to count on ExCyte as a valued partner because their systems are functioning at peak performance and exceeding their expectations. We play a significant role in the escalation process and can be a heavy hand guiding our solution providers in their interactions with customers. ExCyte is also not encumbered by geography because of the way we conduct business.


ExCyte Solutions Cooperative Purchase Agreements

TIPS Data Center Hosting, Sales and Service
Contract Number:200302
TIPS Technology Products and Services
Contract Number: 200105


State of Texas DIR Software Solutions (SaaS)
TMP 449 Award Pending

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